Welcome to 5 star narrowboats

We have five star narrowboats for cruising the canal of the heart of England. These are the most beautiful boats, immaculately equipped. We are confident that even if you have never tried narrowboating before, these will be the luxury narrowboats that will convert you to being canal lovers.

[mantra-column width=”1/6″]Molly-105[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/6″]Jim-110[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/6″]Robert-113[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/6″]Susan-109[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/6″]Esma-109[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/6″]Isabella-110[/mantra-column]

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